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4 Ways To Sell Your Extra Jewelry Beads

Blog October 4, 2019

If you are making or collecting beads on a regular basis, you will no doubt end up with more than you can handle. You will probably want to sell some of your stock, and get some money back to perpetuate your hobby. There are many great ways to sell your pieces and crafts, where you can get exactly how much you are looking for. Here are a few ways to sell your extra jewelry beads.

Flea Market Stalls

Setting up a stall at a local flea market is a great way to sell some of your excess jewelry beads. You can have your own shop, for a few weeks, or even semi permanently. This is an especially good option if you are making your own. It will give you an outlet to sell on a regular basis. This is the same application is a setting like a garage sale on a short timetable. Both are a great way to use foot traffic to get rid of some of your excess stock you do not need any more.

Online Sales For Jewelry Beads

There are a lot of websites that give you an outlet to sell and buy beads at a great price. These websites are easier ways to list your pieces and crafts and forget about them. Unlike in a stall, you do not have the same interpersonal involvement with the sales, so it may take longer to sell the items. You can also make crafts and sell them online on some great craft sites that sell only these things. Online listing is all about descriptiveness. If you describe your product to the fullest, you are much more likely to catch a potential sale.


Some retailers will buy your extra beads from you at a reduced price. They need to be in perfect condition in order to qualify for retail reselling. The smallest crack or break in the item will make it much less desirable for a retailer to take into their stock. If the bead is made from a precious metal, you can melt it down, or sell it exclusively for the precious value. This applies to a bead that is made from or with a precious stone. These are some of the easiest ways to sell your extra beads, but you are likely to receive the least amount of money for your stock.


The best way to sell your stock, is to find someone to supply to directly. If someone is making bead crafts regularly, they are likely willing to buy your beads at a fair price, and many of them. This can be a long or short-term situation, depending on how often you get additional pieces, or how often the crafter needs more.


There are even more ways to sell your items, but they are much harder and do not yield the same returns. All of these are great way to turn your extra jewelry beads turned into some extra cash when you need it, or to clear up some space.

Source by Viktoria Carella

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